About the SVB&P

The Scioto Valley Brass & Percussion Co. was formed in 1993 to provide an opportunity for adult brass players and percussionists in the central Ohio area to entertain audiences with brass band concerts in the tradition of the British brass bands of 100 years ago.  We enjoy continuing the tradition while we add our own fun and flair.

Scioto Valley Brass mixes it up with Sports Challenge in 2014

This coming summer the SVB&P Co. will try their hands, lungs, and lips at sports and hope not to suffer the agony of the feet along the way.   Join us in the warmer months of 2014 (we're hoping there will be some) for another season of fun, fanfare, and the occasional fair and foul ball as our band of intrepid musical adventurers mistakenly find their way onto the wrong tour bus and wind up competing in a series of mixed musical sporting events rather than going to the prim and proper Downton Abbey Musical High Tea and Jumble Sale.

Scioto Valley Brass celebrate 19 years by heading to Space

The Starship Enterprise had a 5 year journey, but we've outdone them by boldly going where no brass band has gone before.  The Scioto Valley Brass and Percussion Co. is touring the cosmos as we make our way to a gig at a little place called the Restaurant at the End of the Universe and try to get safely back home.  Along the way we'll check out a few of Gustav Holst's The Planets, meet up with some out of this world characters like E.T.

California here we come

The Scioto Valley Brass and Percussion Company is, metaphorically speaking, loading up the giant horse-drawn minivan and heading West for the Summer of 2012. As we travel the dusty trail we'll perform a crowd-pleasing panoply of popular, patriotic, and parody pieces that will help evoke all the sights: Purple Mountains Majesty, Fruited Plains, Las Vegas, Area 51, lonesome cowpokes, a rodeo, and even a line of can't-can't dancers.

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