Our scrapbook

In the nearly 20 years since our merry band of music makers first met we've done all sorts of things.   We started with the basic band concert where 30+ of us sat in concentric semi-circles and looked very serious while our friends listened to pieces that you'd think they'd hear at a brass band concert.  Note that this was a time when we had four (4) attorneys in the band, which some would say were dark times, indeed.  As our group became more comfortable and cohesive we realized we had a unique combination of musical talent and inate mirth that we wanted to share with the public.  Thus began our legendary, some might say "infamous," transformation from  mild-mannered brass concert band to the entertaining, exciting, and somewhat eccentric group.   And, while evidence of our entire band fitting into a single phone booth to try to make the transformation to superhero band is blissfully missing, here are some things that do document our history.

Band of Pirates