Scioto Valley Brass celebrate 19 years by heading to Space

The Starship Enterprise had a 5 year journey, but we've outdone them by boldly going where no brass band has gone before.  The Scioto Valley Brass and Percussion Co. is touring the cosmos as we make our way to a gig at a little place called the Restaurant at the End of the Universe and try to get safely back home.  Along the way we'll check out a few of Gustav Holst's The Planets, meet up with some out of this world characters like E.T. and those rowdy folks in the cantina from Star Wars.  Unfortunately, our tour ship, which we got at Fast Al's used space ships, seems to have been infested with tribbles from Star Trek, we encounter a Time Warp, and our spaceship's windshield gets all covered with this gunk we determine is from a nebula named Hoagy Carmichael.  Yep, it's Stardust.  That gunk, and our navigationally challenged Captain (We'll call him "Bob"), makes us almost land on a planet way too hot for us: Venus (think Frankie Avalon meets Gustav Holst in a brass band setting).  Fortunately, Superman is around to get us back on course, where we safely return to terra firma, and celebrate with the perennial Stars and Stripes Forever.We hope you can join us in 2013 for a musical tour of the cosmos.