Scioto Valley Brass mixes it up with Sports Challenge in 2014

This coming summer the SVB&P Co. will try their hands, lungs, and lips at sports and hope not to suffer the agony of the feet along the way.   Join us in the warmer months of 2014 (we're hoping there will be some) for another season of fun, fanfare, and the occasional fair and foul ball as our band of intrepid musical adventurers mistakenly find their way onto the wrong tour bus and wind up competing in a series of mixed musical sporting events rather than going to the prim and proper Downton Abbey Musical High Tea and Jumble Sale.  It’s sure to be an adventure of Olympic proportions when the band begins with Leo Arnaud’s Bugler’s Dream.  Try not to get too flushed when we play a full-house of tunes like Aces High, Dance of the Tumblers, and La Virgen de la Macarena.  We might have to stop by the W.M.C.A. to get some training before we join the regatta in the Parade of Tall Ships.  You’ll also get to experience a brand new composition in the unique SVB style that tells the story of Casey at the Bat.  There might not be any joy in Mudville, but there sure will be at our series of upcoming summer concerts.  We hope to see you there.